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2022 China High-end Import Food (Beijing) Exhibition
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Exhibits Profile

【Showing Products】

◆Import Food◆

1. Leisure food: candy, chocolate, biscuit, candied, puffed, grain, dried fruit, nutritious food, etc.

2. Leisure drinks: coffee, black tea, bird's nest, fruit beverage, drinking water, hydrogen water, pure fruit and vegetable juice, etc.

3. Alcoholic products: wine, sparkling wine, brandy, beer, whisky, etc.

◆ National Local Food◆

1. Dairy products: liquid milk, milk powder, cheese, condensed milk, milk fat, cheese, probiotics, milk ice cream, other dairy products, etc.

2. Baked products: cakes, bread, instant noodles, etc.

3. Dried fruit, nuts, children's food and travel food series.

4. Grain and oil products: edible oil, olive oil, flour, etc.

5.Natural tonic, organic food, green food series;

6.Frozen, frozen food and ice cream products;

7.Meat, canned food and seafood series;

8.Food containers, packaging equipment and food machinery series.

9.National famous food, landmark food, family farm, restaurant franchise and food material series

◆ Famous and Special Local Products◆

China time-honored products, geographical indications protection products, the original ecological regional characteristic products, leading enterprises, Chinese well-known trademark, family farms, green food and organic food, eat food material products, etc.


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